There are plenty of experiments that have been done that show that when you cage rats in an area with limited space, and limited food, those rats will become ruthless to the point that they destroy and even cannibalize each other in the end.  It’s called the principle of competitive exclusion.

It’s what we can expect to see happening now that the Oxycontin windbag is not so sure about what the future holds for him and his gold Limbaugh microphone.  Chances are, even if Cumulus does allow that $20 million dollar a year waste of money which they pay the washed up dinosaur to continue his hate radio, things will be different going forward.  Yes, some other old world radio executive will find a home for the Rush hate talking has-been – he doesn’t just amble off to the elephant dying grounds like he should if he wasn’t so shameless.  But hate talk radio is experiencing a sea change that will inevitably cause rats to eat rats.

The best example I can give is the Michelle Malkin – Ann Coulter story.

If you spend much time in the web blog world you probably have noticed that the hate hags have become even creepier than usual.

Michelle Malkin has stepped up her putrid hate language against immigrants, suggesting that they need to be punished; that militia border patrols should keep immigrant vermin out of her country – even though it was less than 40 years ago that her parents, Apolo and Rafaela Maglalang , citizens of the Phillipines, became immigrants with green cards and made a better life for themselves and their little bundle of hate-filled joy, known as Michelle.  Michelle Maglalang, now Malkin, has spread around so much anti-immigrant hate that it has come full circle on her even within her own Filipino fellow immigrant community.

This is a woman who is so despised by immigrants that she had to leave L.A. in a hurry in 1996 because the Mexican Mafia had threatened her life.  She just has that special kind of personality that people love to hate.

So why would the little malignant Malkin be so willing to keep turning up her immigrant hate message along with the dozens of hate lines she uses almost every day?  Well, it’s simple.  Even the lunatic cable T.V. networks have only so much time they can devote to Star Magazine female hate freaks like Malkin and her gutter mouth sister, Ann Coulter.  There is a limited amount of real freakish hate time available.

So now the real edgy hate freaks are more and more competing for time – whatever time they can get on the cableways, even if it is five minutes here and ten minutes there.

Because of that, we now have the hate hags Malkin and Coulter pushing the outer limits to make themselves look and sound even more like pathetic circus freaks so they can compete for that measly five minutes of cable airtime.  We will also begin to see more and more of that with the Michael Savage hate talking type freaks now that they see Limbaugh bleeding.

And Limbaugh is bleeding.  He lost $3 million dollars worth of ad revenue for Cumulus in just the first quarter of 2013 because even advertisers understand that hate radio may be in trouble.

Sponsors had boycotts of their products and in turn they are usually willing to pull their sponsorships when hate talkers like the fat man call decent people like Sandra Fluke a slut.  And worse.

Add to that Millenials, X-ers, Women, and minorities who regard the Limbaugh blob as yesterday’s crazy uncle joke.

And those demographics change a radio network’s bottom line profits.  So the Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin scenario begins to play itself out.  The hate talkers like Coulter focus their shrew-like faces on a TV and tell us that other women besides her are too stupid to vote or that we should convert all Muslim orphans to Christianity.  The hate meter ticks up, the diminishing demographics of aging, angry, excitable, pale, frail males listens and cheers for a few minutes.  Coulter edges Malkin out of the rat cage for a few minutes.  But at the end of all that, there are still a few realities.

Their audiences are dying off.  They are rapidly migrating to that wingnut, crazy world in the sky.  There simply are not enough Teabagger crazies to sustain a living for the hate talker crowd, not enough room in the cage, not enough rat cheese to go around.

Competitive exclusion where rats eat rats is when there are too many in the same cage – well, that’s playing itself out.