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florida explosion

Industry Influence to Blame for Tavares, Florida Explosion

On July 29th, an explosion at a gas plant in Tavares, Floridainjured eight people, leaving five of them in critical condition.  Three months prior to that, a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas killed 14 people and left numerous people injured and homeless.  And three years before that, an oil rig operated by BP, Transocean, and Halliburton exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 people and destroying an entire ecosystem. … Read more.

Blue Rhino Plant - Gas Explosion

Florida Gas Plant Explosion Leaves 5 in Critical Condition

An explosion at the Blue Rhino gas plant in Tavares, Florida occurred late Monday night, injuring at least eight workers, five of whom are in critical condition. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the fire came from propane cylinders, which are cleaned, refurbished, refilled, and packaged at the Tavares plant. … Read more.

Baraka Kanaan - Disabled Delta Passenger

Delta Air Lines Forces Disabled Man to Crawl Onto Plane

A disabled man is suing Delta Air Lines after being forced to crawl to and from his seat on the plane, without any assistance or empathy from crewmembers. Former philosophy professor, Dr. Baraka Kanaan, who runs the non-profit performing arts education group, Lovevolution Foundation, said the incidents took place during a trip from Massachusetts to Hawaii last July. … Read more.


Update: Fox News is Proud of Its Horrible Interview of Muslim Author

Earlier this week, Fox News aired an interview of religious scholar, Dr. Reza Aslan. The interview was supposed to be about his new book “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”. Instead, the interview was about his motives as a Muslim, for authoring the book. … Read more.

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