In case you’ve forgotten, as we hope you have, the posterboys of right wing vitriol and punditry, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, regularly belittle people and make outrageous claims over national radio. However, their days on the partisan pulpit may be numbered, according to Politico.

Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a Slut

Sean Hannity Debates “Slut Walk”

The independent news agency is reporting that Cumulus Media, the second largest radio broadcaster in America, will not renew its contracts with the men. Unfortunately, the reasoning for the break in the relationship is based in business rather than in standards or principles.

Cumulus and Premiere Networks, the company that handles distribution of the men’s shows, could not agree on pricing, according to Politico. The dissolution of the relationship and the loss of the programing may be good for Cummulus’s business in more than the short term.

Earlier this year, Cummulus CEO Lew Dickey commented that Limbaugh’s remarks regarding Sandra Fluke not only injured his show immediately but was having a ripple effect on other shows with the station.

“Clearly that’s had an impact not only on our network business, but it’s had an impact on some of the news talk stations that we own,” he said in an industry newsletter.

Hopefully, others will learn from the Cummulus mistake of employing them in the first place.

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