Yesterday, two members of the Texas Aryan Brotherhood responded to charges of racketeering that the government had lobbied against them. Their plea: guilty. Mythili Raman, Acting Assistant Attorney General and Kenneth Magidson, attorney, announced the plea according to the Department of Justice’s release.

The men, Glen Ray Millican (“Fly”) and Justin Christopher Northrup (“Ruthless”) reportedly were in agreement with the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas to commit murders, robberies, arsons, kidnappings and traffic drugs. Their club of scoundrels also regularly required members to reprimand each other and engage in ritualized initiations.

The Justice Department’s efforts have resulted in the arrest of 36 alleged members of the Brotherhood and represents a continued commitment to rooting out the poisonous seed of the nefarious and criminal gang. Millican and Northrup are the seventh and eighth members of the group seized by the DOJ to plead guilty to the department’s accusations.

According to the court documents the group policed its members through violence, murder, arson, assault, and robbery, and were required to follow what are known as “direct orders” from higher ranking members.

Millican and Northrup face a potential sentence of life in prison for their crimes.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire.