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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Sign Bill That Strip Paid Sick Leave From Workers

Florida Gov. Rick Scott delivered a harsh blow to Floridians when he signed a bill that stifles paid sick leave for workers. The bill that Scott signed favored big businesses in the state of Florida, which he justified by saying that the “bill fosters statewide uniformity, consistency and predictability in Florida’s employer-employee relationships.” … Read more.

Live Oak Texas County Jail

Texas Jailers Accused of Running ‘Rape Camp’

Two women are suing Live Oak County, Texas and its former jailers for sexual assault and running what they call a “rape camp,” according to their complaint, which can be read in its entirety here. It was reported today that two women who were previously detained in Live Oak County Jail filed a complaint against former employees Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles, Jr., and Jamie E. Smith, accusing the three men of heinous acts of sexual assault and harassment. … Read more.


Supreme Court Ends Big Pharma’s Stranglehold on Generic Drugs

The United States Supreme Court ruled that “pay-for-delay” programs between larger, commercial drug companies and their generic competitors are illegal. The deals consisted of the Big Pharma companies paying off competing companies to withhold generic forms of brand-name drugs off the market. … Read more.


Palin Slams CBS Network Journalist on Fox News

Former Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, made a guest appearance on Fox News today after a five month hiatus from the network, and it didn’t take long for the former Alaskan governor to get on her soapbox with the usual finger-pointing she is known for. With her popularity slowly fading after a mid-term resignation as Alaskan governor and failed bid as vice presidential candidate in the election of 2008, it seems Palin’s re-appearance on Fox News is just a desperate attempt for a last chance in the limelight. … Read more.

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