Political dark money keeps influencing and buying elections, and it only seems to be getting worse. The corporatist Supreme Court continues showing favor to corporations and groups of billionaires will keep buying elections. Citizens United opened the doors when it allowed unlimited spending for political action committees (PACs) in elections and billionaires have been putting that to the test.

501(C)(4) groups, of recent infamy, are often required to serve a social welfare purpose of some kind but regrettably that requirement often goes unmet. These groups can accept donations without ever disclosing where their money came from and will often turn around and use the money they raise to campaign for causes and initiatives. This practice of allowing practically unlimited amounts of money into the political process and the lack of identity that is assigned to that money is a surefire shield from scrutiny that allows corporatists to say what they like without ever being called on to stand by what they’ve said.

Through the course of the 2012 presidential election, Super PACs spent over half a billion dollars campaigning, advertising and persuading the people of their agendas. The only bar preventing these PACS from directly buying elected seats and positions is that they aren’t allowed to directly collude with politicians. But, with PAC money accounting for more and more of election and campaign expenditures, how much longer do the American people think that barrier will last?