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This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV:  Ring of Fire co-host Sam Seder will tell us why the recent White House scandals are nowhere near as bad as the ones we’ve seen from Republicans.

Citizens United opened the doors for unlimited corporate money to influence our election process.  Because of that, we’re left with elected officials that are completely obedient to a few billionaire donors, and attorneys Howard Nations and Dave TeSelle will talk about the billionaires’ takeover of our democracy.

When it comes to climate change, corporate America doesn’t care about stopping the problem, they only care about how much money they can make off of it – and they’re off to a great start.  We’ll talk about the companies who are profiting off climate change with author Alex Zaitchik.

The IRS is still under fire for targeting Republican groups, and Farron Cousins from The Trial Lawyer Magazine and will explain why the Tea Party needed to be investigated for violating their tax exempt status.

And there are dangers lurking in that bottle of Tylenol in your medicine cabinet, and attorney Troy Rafferty will tell you why the world’s most popular drug is anything but safe.

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