Do we really have to endure one more day of weak chinned, spineless Democratic leadership apologizing and being victimized over the IRS teabag story? Is Harry Reid alive and breathing in that shaky, aging body structure?  Is he still alive enough to rally his team and begin saying the obvious? That it is good for the IRS, if they were doing their job and targeting a group of would-be tax frauds that were determined to commit fraud on taxpayers through hundreds of 501(c)(4) scams.

After the conservative corporate stooges on the US Supreme Court left us with Citizens United, the number of Tea party, Tea citizen, Tea patriotic, Tea crazy, Tea Fascist 501(c)(4) applications spiked in the system because that is what the Koch brother billionaire crowd wanted to happen.

This new bunch of C4 lunatics were going to the IRS in record numbers asking to qualify as nonpolitical, social welfare groups. So you could give them your tax money to perpetrate their racist, anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-women, anti-environment, anti-union, anti-decency agenda.

They were telling the IRS that they were a social welfare group just like Karl Rove’s crossroads GPS C4 That incredibly Still has its tax-free status even after spending tens of millions of dollars trying to unseat Democrats all over America. Crossroads was supposed to be one of those Do-good, charitable, social welfare groups. But in truth it is nothing more than an extension of Karl Rove’s sick and ugly brain. Unleashed on all of us while all of us give the little turd blossom a tax break to do it.

This explosion of mostly right wing C4 wannabes has been like leeches falling from the sky, and the IRS saw that their primary purpose was to exploit the groups as election, vote-changing vehicles. This wasn’t politicization of the monitoring process; this is what any sane person would do if they woke up one morning and found an ugly fungus growing all over their body. They try to cure it.

So now, because Democratic leadership doesn’t have the talent, the vision, or the backbone to fight back, they allow the Tea crazies to claim the high ground and you can bet it is going to chill or stop any intelligent review of the much abused 501(c)(4) process in the future

So going into the midterms and the 2016 political race, 501(c)(4) hustlers like the American Action Network will continue to spend upwards of 80% of their social welfare money intellection scams. It’s obvious that they should be operating as purely right wing, Tea crazy, con-man billionaire baby political vehicles, but now the IRS will be too terrified to even try to keep them in check. And we will be paying for them. And you will never have the right to know who they’re mostly corporate and billionaire donors are.

Now here is where we really see how hopeless Democratic leadership is. The simple one-liner is that if these fake social welfare organizations don’t want to fill out stacks of forms or if they don’t want to send in the Extensive documentation and information to show they are a legitimate C4, they don’t.

Because that is all this targeting talk is all about. The IRS was doing their job and demanding that the Tea crazies and other political fringe groups like them actually sign a dotted line and swear under penalty of prosecution that they were what they say they are: a nonpolitical social welfare organization that somehow takes care of improving the cultural and social problems that America is faced with.

I mean wouldn’t you want to be the prosecutor handling the case against the person who signed that application?

For instance, I’d like to be the prosecutor handling the case against the “True The Vote” Texas group that wants C4 status but can explain why they gave thousands of dollars to their Republican state leadership. Or how about the Tea party patriot C4 that raised $12 million in 2010 and spent less than $3 million on anything close to social welfare? Should the IRS be able to ask where the other $9 million went?

The truth is there are no IRS guidelines to really keep these tax hustlers in check, so the best way to stop it is to make it as difficult as possible to qualify. The code is so poorly written that there are no guidelines at all even telling us what qualifies as political activity. 501(c) 4 is ambiguous, vague, and filled with loopholes.

So once you let little furry creatures into the house, there’s no way to get them out. That’s what Democratic leadership should be talking about rather than coming off as the party of barely breathing Harry Reid clones.