Former Alaska Governor and vice presidential-elect Sarah Palin (R) went on a tirade Wednesday, slamming President Barack Obama for his response to the recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal. Palin voiced herself loud and clear on, calling the president “either a liar or hugely incompetent CEO.”

And despite Obama’s adviser claiming that president only learned of the IRS scandal “when it came out in the news,” Palin’s accusations seem to paint a different picture.

“The president would like us to believe that he only learned about the IRS corruption from watching the news. But we recently learned that the White House was actively working with the IRS on how to roll out the story of this scandal,” Palin ranted. “So, Mr. President, how can you have your staff work on the roll out of the biggest controversy since Watergate, and yet claim that you only heard about it by watching the news with the rest of us?”

Palin’s finger-pointing didn’t stop there. She also criticized the White House’s involvement in the IRS scandal, which purportedly targeted tea party groups, calling the scandal “the biggest controversy since Watergate.”

It wasn’t long ago that Palin had a botched term as Alaskan Governor and a failed attempt as vice president alongside former president-elect John McCain in the election of 2008. Palin crumpled under pressure and voluntarily resigned halfway through her term as governor, and her finger-pointing is a outright display of hypocrisy as Obama seems to be holding everything together, even through the tough IRS scandal.

Palin is proving to be one of the weakest links within the already fragile GOP, and her own party has taken note on several occasions, seeking to push her out. Her most recent incident was when she criticized the president, Mitt Romney campaign consultant Karl Rove (R), and fellow GOPers at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last March.

“[These] experts keep losing elections [and] keep raking in millions. If they feel that strongly about who should run in this party, they should buck up and run or stay in the truck. The architects can head on back to the Lone Star State and put their name on the ballot,” Palin said during her speech at the CPAC, clearly referencing Texas-based Rove, who was the main consultant for Mitt Romney during the former president-elect’s failed run in the last election.

Rove quickly responded to Palin’s snarky comments, saying in an interview on Fox News, “I appreciate her encouragement that I ought to go home to Texas and run for office. I would be enthused if I ran for office to have her support but I don’t think  I’m a particularly good candidate: a balding fat guy. Second of all, if I did run for office and win I would serve out my term and I wouldn’t leave office midterm.”

Krysta Loera is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow her on Twitter @KrystaLoera