First off, it’s a bewilderment that people still even smoke crack, especially a politician.  Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, was videotaped allegedly smoking crack, dubbing him around the web as a “Canadian Marion Barry.”  However, Ford’s past endeavors make Barry look like an Eagle Scout turn D.A.R.E. spokesman.

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has fallen into to similar scandal, according to the Toronto Star.  Rob Ford has accrued a rather notorious reputation in the realm of Canadian publicity and politics.  The SFGate has indicated that Ford has faced accusations of campaign law violations, made public obscenities, being drunk in public, and “squandering public funds.”  Now, apparently, Ford is indulging in crack cocaine.  

A full list and elaboration of Ford’s ridiculous escapades can be found here.  The list that SFGate provided is just a microscopic tip of the iceberg.  He has been accused of other things like sending death threats to his wife, Renata Ford, and making obscene gestures to a woman and six-year old child.  

It’s actually a bit of conundrum as to why this guy is still serving in the public sector.  Ford’s “wrap sheet” is 61 items long and seethe with obnoxiousness, obscenity, and irresponsibility.

Joshua de Leon is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire.