What do the Clinton impeachment, Fast and Furious scandal and Benghazi attack all have in common: The Republican Party’s determination to fabricate a convoluted scandal against their opposition. The GOP and conservative media cannot resist the urge to create a scandal out of anything controversial on the left side of politics.

 Recently, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, has been the target of conservative media’s scrutiny. It has been eight months since the Benghazi attack and Republicans are still beating away at Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, concerning how the tragedy was handled by .

 For months, Fox News and the GOP have promised the American public a scandal worse than the infamous Watergate scandal, and for months, the same unsubstantiated evidence has been the only constant in their unsupported case.

 Regardless of the thorough investigation that has taken place over the span of eight months, Republicans still vehemently portray Benghazi as an impending scandal about to erupt.  In hopes to reveal a “smoking gun” lurking in the shadows of the case, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) urged “whistleblowers and witnesses who have been afraid to come forward,” to step up, and “tell your story,” after another congressional hearing regarding the attacks.

 On Wednesday’s Daily Show, the host, Jon Stewart explained how Republicans are outraged with the supposed Benghazi cover up that they can neither prove, nor explain, but their real outrage is that no one else is outraged.

 Scandals have a history of swaying U.S. elections. If the Republican Party cannot achieve their overall goal of crippling Clinton’s rumored campaign in 2016, then they will settle with fueling the public’s anger over the Benghazi attacks to threaten the number of congressional democrats that receive seats in next year’s midterm election.

 Nevertheless, the allegations against Clinton and the Benghazi attack have been dismantled one by one.  As the Republicans continue with senseless accusations against the Obama administration, the supposed scandal cover-up begins to sound more like a case of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Sara Papantonio is a writer and researcher for Ring of Fire.