Below are the top stories from Ring of Fire from the past week.

Medtronic Study Site Warned by FDA for Schocking Consent and Reporting Irregularities in Study of CoreValve Device by Virginia Buchanan

The FDA sent a warning letter to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington regarding serious irregularities in its study of the Medtronic CoreValve device. The device is intended for patients with severe aortic stenosis, a condition that may lead to heart failure and sudden cardiac death. …more.

Republican Senator Calls Out Climate Change Hoax Creators by Alisha Mims

Government officials are hard at work representing their corporate sponsors. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) said last week during an Environment and Public Works Committee meeting, that he believes, Michael Moore, and George Soros, along with Al Gore and the United Nations, are responsible for creating one of the greatest hoaxes in American history: climate change. …more.

$24.9 Million Settlement for Pharmaceutical False Claim Scheme

The Department of Justice reported yesterday that Amgen, Inc. has agreed to pay the United States $24.9 million to resolve allegations that it violated the Federal False Claims Act. This settlement is another in a series of victories that are part of the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team’s (HEAT) efforts to combat fraud under Attorney General Eric Holder. …more.

Papantonio: Mainstream Media Desperate to Lay Blame for Boston Bombing

Lawsuits Growing in Number Against Fresenius’ Recalled GranuFlo by Krysta Loera

Lawsuits are stacking up against Fresenius Medical Care, the manufacturer and distributer of the recalled hemodialysis drug, GranuFlo, alleging that the company neglected to warn consumers about dangerous risks associated with the use of the drug. GranuFlo is used during hemodialysis to lower the acidity in the patient’s blood during treatments. …more.

Georgia Prison Guards Indicted for Organized Brutality by Alisha Mims

The Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, GA has been accused of conspiring with the Deputy Warden to assault prison inmates. The Department of Justice reported on Tuesday that seven former members of the CERT team, Christopher Hall, Ronald Lach, Jr., Delton Rushin, Kerry Bolden, Derrick Wimbush, Kadarius Thomas, and Tyler Griffin, along with Deputy Warden James Hinton, allegedly conspired to assault inmates and covered up their misconduct by filing false reports as well as feeding investigators misleading information. …more.