One police officer is dead and another is wounded after a car chase with the alleged Boston Marathon bombing suspects. The violent chase ended with one suspect dead and another alive and still at large.

The chaos began when the suspects reportedly shot and killed Officer Sean Collier, 26, early Friday morning as he sat in his patrol car on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus. Police then responded to reports of a robbery at a local 7/11 convenience store in Watertown, Massachusetts. Afterward, the suspects hijacked a car and police gave chase. The suspects, identified by authorities as brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, were reportedly shooting firearms and hurling explosives out of the vehicle during the pursuit. An unidentified officer was wounded during the chase.

The elder suspect, Tamerlan, was shot by authorities during the chase and later died at a local hospital. He was reportedly wearing explosives and a triggering device. However, Dzhokhar has eluded authorities on foot and is still at large. The hijacked vehicle has been found by authorities in the Boston area and police have set up a perimeter in a neighborhood in Watertown. They believe that the younger suspect is armed and dangerous.

The brothers are originally from the Russian Caucasus. They relocated to Kazakhstan at a young age, and then later to America, where they have resided for several years.


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Krysta Loera is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire.