Below are the top stories from Ring of Fire from the past week.

Porn Troll, Prenda Law, is in Hot Water

Prenda Law, a firm that has targeted and sued over 20,000 users for violating copyright laws alleging they illegally downloaded pornography, plead the Fifth Amendment in court yesterday after being asked by the judge why there were no other plaintiffs besides Prenda pursuing copyright cases

Conservative Rising Star Ben Carson, in Deep with Koch Groups

With the Republican Party in shambles, attempting to find an identity that doesn’t scare off half of the electorate, a void has been created that is allowing the craziest of the crazy to have a turn in the spotlight.  The latest GOP “rising star” is Dr. Ben Carson.

Google’s Easter Chaves Doodle Draws Fundamentalist Ire

Google committed a deadly sin this Easter: it confronted fundamentalists with information.

Papantonio: Big Pharma Ripping off Federal Government

GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart Warns of Same-Sex Marriage Fraud

In a statement reported and published by the Marietta Daily Journal on Saturday, Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart warns that legalizing same-sex marriage could open the door for marriage fraud by allowing straight people seeking marital benefits to easily take advantage of the system by faking a gay marriage. With an increasing number of Americans voicing support for marriage equality across the nation, Everhart’s statement seems to be another tactic being used by opponents within the GOP to sway those who support the legalization of same-sex marriage.