A Christian radio host said yesterday that “God guided” creators of the History Channel’s “The Bible” to make their Satan character on the series resemble the president. Stories have been cropping up this week about the resemblance between the character and President Obama after Glenn Beck recently tweeted about the imagined likeness.

Both the network and producer for “The Bible,” Mark Burnett, have called the allegations “utter nonsense” and noted that the actor has played that character before. Mehdi Ouazanni, an acclaimed Moroccan actor, starred in several Biblical epics, long before Obama was elected president.

Rick Wiles, host of the Christian news network, TruNews, said that he believes the similarities are not a coincidence but divine intervention warning against the president. “I don’t believe they intentionally portrayed the Lucifer character to look like Mr. Obama,” he said. “I think God guided the hand of the makeup artist and blinded the eyes of everybody on the movie set while it was being recorded, and the spiritual blinders were removed Sunday night when the program was broadcast nationally on the History Channel.”

Wiles continued his mindless rant, “How many clues do we need from Heaven to understand that the man in the White House is a devil from Hell?”

Alisha Mims is a writer and researcher for Ring of Fire.