It seems Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is steadily wearing out his welcome in the House, and some wonder if maybe he is becoming too “old-school” for the changing times.

Recently, Democrats have felt as if Reid had “copped out” on the filibuster reform by caving under the pressure of the Republicans. The real issue came to light when Republicans used a filibuster vote to shoot down Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. Using a filibuster vote totally defeats the purpose of a proposed reform, and in turn made Reid look gullible and weak.

John Fugelsang, host of Current TV’s “Viewpoint”, called Reid out last month on the fact that the senator had broken his promises to a filibuster reform by caving under Republican pressure.
“… you had the chance to make sure this wouldn’t happen today, dear Mr. Reid. In fact, you promised us you’d make sure this wouldn’t happen. And now look, poor Leon Panetta has to stay in the Pentagon even longer, like George Bailey never getting out of Bedford Falls. Now, because of you, Mr. Reid, the chicken hawks have come home to roost,” Fugelsang said.

“See, Harry Reid spent much of last year getting pressured to reform the filibuster, but he blew the chance. … he apologized … He publicly said … he was wrong. And he promised us that come the beginning of the almighty 2013 session, he’d make filibuster reform happen. … He choked like George Bush on pretzel night. He folded like wet cardboard. He struck a handshake deal with Mitch McConnell to do a filibuster reform package that was so watered down, Marco Rubio can drink it during a speech,” the host added.

Fugelsang blasted the senator, suggesting that Reid should “make like the Pope and vacate.”

“See, Harry, if you’re not going to be an effective majority leader, if you’re not going to do any real reform, if your will isn’t strong enough for the job, you know what you need to do? Something I’ve never said before in my life — be more like Pope Benedict. Step down, Harry Reid. Let someone lead who wants to lead,” Fugelsang said.

It looks like now would be a good time for Reid to consider retiring and let someone else take the reins.

Krysta Loera is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire.