In another display of conservative intolerance, New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was snubbed by the GOP and lost his spot to speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which is being held next week right outside of Washington.

After President Barack Obama provided relief funds for the Hurricane Sandy stricken New Jersey, Christie showed his thanks by appearing with the Democratic president. Usually known as being socially conservative, the governor later scolded his fellow Republicans for holding up the relief funds and it seems the GOP saw the CPAC as a perfect opportunity to snub Christie for his calloused remarks. However, the underlying issue here may be that Christie is attracting more Democrats and independents, especially in the Democratic state of New Jersey, and the GOP is keeping a wary eye on him. Either way, Christie seems unaffected from the CPAC snub and wished the conference “all the best”.

“It’s not like I’m lacking for invitations to speak around the country,” he added.

The CPAC is essentially a conference that brings together influential conservative leaders and establishments of America to give speeches to attendees and to complete a presidential straw poll. The conservative headlining speakers of CPAC 2013 will be former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin , with the official motto of the conference being: “America’s Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives”. Nevertheless, it’s hard to get excited if Palin and Romney are the CPAC’s way of representing the future of this country’s conservatives.