A San Diego teacher is suing the Christian college where she worked before becoming pregnant.  Teri James, 29, alleges that San Diego Christian College fired her after she became pregnant because she engaged in pre-marital sex. When Teri was hired on as a financial advisor for the college in 2011, she agreed to comply with the school’s moral codes that ask that employees and students abstain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco as well as “sexually immoral behavior,” which they define as “premarital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality.” But the college later offered a job to Teri’s boyfriend, who, by all sane and logical accounts, was also “guilty” of having pre-marital sex, although he did not get pregnant.

Teri was told by the school’s HR Director that “she was not being fired because she was pregnant,” but because she’d had pre-marital sex. Gloria Allred, a notable civil rights attorney who focuses on the protection of women’s rights, is taking on Teri’s case against San Diego Christian College. Allred and Teri have filed a lawsuit accusing the college of discrimination on account of gender, pregnancy, and marital status. In a statement Teri said, “San Diego Christian College did not show any mercy or grace towards me and acted completely un-Christ like; they made more of a business decision than showing God’s love.” Incidentally, Teri’s’ now-husband did not take the job he was offered by the college.