65% of Americans feel that climate change is a serious problem and many want the president to use his executive power to do something about it. Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, Jr., was arrested Wednesday along with other celebrities and protesters like Daryl Hannah, Julian Bond and Michael Brune after handcuffing themselves to fences outside the White House.

The protest was intended to increase awareness of the present threat posed by the Keystone XL pipeline. Plans for the pipeline were introduced in 2008 and since then environmental awareness groups have been successful in delaying its implementation and encouraging the rerouting of its planned path due to concerns over the safety and impact of the pipeline.

Watch Ring of Fire’s Bobby Kennedy and Sam Seder Discuss the protest this week:

“I’m hugely proud of my law partner, Bobby Kennedy. He’s never been afraid to stand for something,” says Mike Papantonio, host of Ring of Fire Radio and shareholder with the Levin, Papantonio law firm.

While President Obama did speak about the need to increase efforts to confront the rising threat of climate change, as expected, the President did not speak about the pipeline directly and it remains to be seen if the president will take action regarding it.

Nebraskans are concerned about the pipeline coming through their backyards. Concern is growing across the nation about the impact and dangers associated with this pipeline. And if President Obama intends on making good on his promise to take steps against ever increasing carbon emissions and acknowledge the problems with the Keystone XL pipeline