By Mike Papantonio
December 4th, 2012 7pm

It’s tough to shame or embarrass a Texas Tea Party Republican about how dull-witted they sound when they talk about something as idiotic as secession.

After all, one of the people who led the discussion years ago in Texas was none other than their goofy Gov. Rick Perry – Most things in politics really do flow from the top.

So the latest development has been reasonably educated, rational opinion leaders at Texas Newspapers, some TV stations apologizing for their tea bagger Texans suggesting that Golly, it was only a small handful of delusional, old and angry, poorly educated backwards Texans who still ride around with Confederate flags plastered all over their Ford trucks. Well, no not exactly. That’s not quite the truth.

The numbers of Texans who wanted to go it alone is climbing still. More than 150,000 signatures on Petitions to Succeed.

And those aren’t just Texas Aggies and TCU graduates.

All the stupid talk about – “We the People” and “When in the Course of Human Events” “Guaranteed Rights by the Framers”.

Those disjointed idiotic phrases coming out of the mouths of teabag Texans most of whom never have even read the Constitution, much less a history book.

That idiot talk is not simply coming from the typical tea bagger on the street. It’s coming form politicians who are urging their Texas citizens to leave the Union.

One message that has been delivered to the Teabag Texas Toadies is this quote: “When the federal government sends in tanks, we won’t have to fight back – We’ll just stand our ground. Obama can’t make the whole state obey.” That is from the mouth of a Texas opinion leader.

Drive through Texas today – (If you must) and you’ll catch headlines attached to insane newspaper columns and Letters to the Editor that scream out “Goodbye America” – or go online and read the theories of crazy old Texas tea baggers on sites like “Texas Secede!” – Where the drafters took their #4 Crayola Crayons and big pieces of construction paper and listed out how Texas “Has the Right to Secede” How he “Outcome of the Civil War should have no bearing on what Texans must do in 2012. And the lists of all the many ways Texas would benefit from secession –
– In a state where the literacy rate is abysmal,
– The percentage of uninsured children is #1 out of the 50 states
– SAT scores are 47th out of 50
– Percentage of people over 25 with a high school diploma is 50th out of 50
– Percentage of eligible voters who vote is 44th out of 50
– It’s #1 in pollution of every kind imaginable
– It’s #1 in teen pregnancy
– It’s #1 in a population without health insurance

A vast part of the population still believes evolution is communist misinformation

They still believe our President is a Muslim born in Kenya

It’s a state that gave us
– Breast Implants
– Tom Delay
– The Rapper Vanilla Ice

Hell, they gave us “W” for God’s sake. They gave us
– Phil Gramm
– Ted Haggard
– Karl Rove
– Chuck Norris

And we’re suppose to be concerned that they want to be their own little confederacy of tea bag Texans?

It’s a state where the sitting Governor wants to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments;

He wants Texas to drop out of Social Security and Medicaid;

He wants his state, the biggest polluter in the nation, to be exempt from EPA Air Quality standards;

He gutted childcare services even though Texas childhood poverty has hit 25%

He personally promoted the execution of a man who his own state investigators and prosecutors said was clearly innocent because he didn’t want to look soft on crime.

More executions than any state in America.