By Virginia Buchanan

November 13th 2012  10:00am

An emergency suspension has been ordered by the Florida Department of Health to a Florida compounding company, Rejuvi Pharmaceuticals, based out of Boca Raton, Florida.

Rejuvi had violations in the past, dating back to 2009 and 2010, including failing to label compounded drugs with lot numbers and expiration dates, two extremely serious issues for patients who would have difficulty tracing recalled lots of drugs or assuring that the drugs they were taking were still potent and effective.

In the wake of more than 400 reported cases of fungal meningitis and 31 deaths linked to another compounding pharmacy, State safety officials are taking violations of safety regulations very seriously.

In the course of routine health inspections, shocking conditions were found which pose a serious threat to public health, including:

–       Open containers of products were observed next to brooms and dust pans; the sink had dirty sitting water and hoses connected to the faucet; and dead bugs and bug or rodent fecal matter were observed.

–       The company could not produce dispensing records; the incorrect pharmacist was listed on most prescriptions;

–       A  pharmacist arrived an hour after opening and had an expired consultant license.  He said he was unaware of the strengths of compounds made at the pharmacy.

Virginia Buchanan is a shareholder at Levin, Papantonio.  She has served on the Board of Directions of the Florida Bar Foundation and has been Treasurer of ABOTA, Chairperson of the Civil Process Server Grievance Committeee and has been a member of the Chief Judge’s Council on Children. She currently is a member of the Women’s Caucus of the Florida Justice Association.