When you drill down to the center of what most motivates a traditional conservative, you will find that they are terrified by the idea of changing the way they view the world. It is a mentality that prevented 13th century Europeans from sailing ships too far in any one direction. They were fearful of sailing off the edge of a flat earth. The idea of a flat earth was the only way they could see it. Once they overcame their fear and made it to North America, the conservative American Tories were too terrified to declare independence from Great Britain because that change was too dramatic. A king was all they knew – All they could accept. Lord knows how frightening ideas like evolution, the United Nations, Lady Gaga, and Obama has to be for the die-hard conservative. Understand it was that same kind of inflexible fanatic bunch of social, political conservatives who wanted to murder Galileo and Copernicus because they had new ideas about how the world worked.