Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio will be filling in for Ed Schultz today from 12p – 3p eastern on The Ed Schultz Show.  Go to WeGotEd.com to find a local station or listen live.  Here’s what we’ve got in store:

We’ll be talking with radio host, author, and political consultant David Bender – he’ll give us his thoughts on this week’s recall elections in Wisconsin.

Investigative journalist Brad Friedman will tell us about the big money influences that attempted to buy all of the Wisconsin Senate seats that were facing recalls.

Daniel Denvir, an investigative journalist with the Philadelphia City Paper will be joining us to talk about how ALEC is using your tax dollars to push their anti-government agenda.

Joshua Holland from Alternet will tell us why US credit rating agencies are in no position to downgrade the US’s credit rating – after all, they helped cause our current financial meltdown.

And Robert Borosage from the Campaign for America’s Future will tell us why the Republicans are helping create economic turmoil because they believe it will help them in 2012.

And Pap will be taking your calls – if you want to weigh in on the news of the day, give him a call at 866-934-6833.

You can follow The Ed Schultz Show on Twitter @WeGotEd, and of course, follow Ring of Fire @RingofFireRadio.

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