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  • This week on Ring of Fire, rocker, author, and activist Henry Rollins will be joining us to talk about his latest tour, his recent role on the hit show Sons of Anarchy, and we’ll get his thoughts on Sarah Palin and the tea party movement.
  • Congressman Chris Van Hollen will be here to tell us about his efforts (along with Senator Chuck Schumer) to introduce legislation to undo the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens’ United decision.
  • Robert Greenwald from Brave New Films will talk to us about the History Channel’s smear campaign against the Kennedy family, and about his Stop Kennedy Smears campaign –
  • And Mother Jones’ reporter Andy Kroll will be here to tell us about the deceitful companies that are handling your mortgage, and how these companies are stepping up their efforts to foreclose people’s homes, even if they’ve made all their mortgage payments.

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