In 2009, the truly terrified hysterics rushed out to buy guns of every description. There were many times you couldn’t buy 9mm or 40 caliber shells even for target practice because production couldn’t keep up with demand. What was everyone afraid of? Here is the short list: America elected a “Negro president.” Democrats were going to take everybody’s guns. The liberals were planning a “take over.” The immigrant hoards were going to rape and pillage. And there was the threat that some ill-defined world catastrophe was always knocking at our door in 2009. The world was surely ending and only a well-armed militia trained gun owner with a concealed weapon permit would be ready. We made our love of being afraid into a widespread psychosis. If you don’t believe me, go to one of those tea party rallies and ask the question: Why are you here? At the heart of every response, you will hear vague hysterical fear and loathing of something or someone.